Halima Sagira started dancing in 2009 under Fulya’s careful instruction.  She began her belly dancing adventure studying Egyptian, Turkish,  cabaret & steam punk inspired tribal fusion with Fulya. Halima fell in love with belly dance after a friend asked her to come along to a beginners lesson ‘for support’. Sadly, the friend dropped out almost immediately, but Halima (affectionately known to her dancing peers as ‘ferret’ for the way she excitedly bounces around any workshop she goes to) was hooked for life. 

Back in the early days...

Back in the early days…

After a few years of dancing, at a local Hafla, Halima saw tribal dancers for the first time and was completely mesmerised. The particular dance was a group of tribal girls balancing baskets on their heads whilst performing some pretty impressive muscle controlled pops and locks and rolls. Halima immediately sort out local tribal style teachers and found Badra Tribal, a local ATS® / ITS group who took her in and showed her a whole new world of belly dance  Halima is now a committed member of the Badra Tribal troop and regularly performs with them. 20130804_1413061374051_10153327439730204_556929019_nbadra tribal bardic picnic26badra dancing 2    Since then Halima Sagira has traveled the world teaching beginners bellydance in Japan where she lived for a year and then moving on to spend a year in New Zealand furthering her ATS® and Improvised Tribal Style with some wonderful dancers in Christchurch under Pip E-Lysaah. chch dancing chch dancers

Now back in the Uk and Living in Sheffield, Halima is teaching Tribal fusion & American Tribal Style®  FCBD® format for beginners / improvers and looking forward to meeting new dancers.

ss logo She has passed her ATS® General Skills and ATS®  Teacher Training certificates and Tsukiko Tribal is now a fully certified FCBD®  Sister Studio. Halima Sagira is devoted to the FCBD®  ATS®  dance style and feels this is where she is most at home and happy.  A day of workshops with Divina Chaos - skirt & fan She has taken several workshops at many belly dance festivals including Medanz (Dunedin, NZ), Gothla UK (where she performed on the open stage at the 2013 gathering) and Infusion Emporium. Halima enjoyed a weekend intensive with Ashley Lopez (the cutest little dancer you ever could meet and an excellent teacher).

  Ashley & IAshley & I & Pip at Ashley’s workshopsPip & I Halima also uses Datura Online classes to keep up to date with her training. 

Halima has completed Bex's introduction to Ghoul School teacher training.

Halima has completed Bex’s introduction to Ghoul School teacher training.

Halima very much enjoyed Gothla 2013, 2014 & 2015 & Infusion Emporium in 2013, 2014, 2015 where she took workshops with many teachers including Alexis & Kami LiddleKami, Heather, and Halima me n waterboy


…. she has taken many more workshops including training with Mardi Love and Manca Pavli, Alexis Southall, Melli, Tiger Lily, Piny & Leo from Orchidaece, Taken her GS & TT training with Carolena Nericcio, Megha Gavin, Kristine Adams and attended the Soul Movement intensive with Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez (again), Samantha Emmanuel,and Alexis.  Her favourite belly dance festivals are Infusion Emporium & the ATS Residential in Cambridge. 

As well as a belly dancer, Halima Sagira is also a Burlesque performer and has a passion for all things burlesque. She is a regular at Fulya’s Bellydance & Burlesque show where she sings, dances and also performs strip tease.

Would anybody like a cup of tea? Would anybody like a cup of tea? The art of strip tease is something Halima adores and she loves to come up with new and fun routines. Halima + Sara Singing has always been her first love, Halima has been singing since she was a child and is currently looking for a local Sheffield guitarist for collaborations.